Welcome to 2Trom News Group!

We are a a British newspaper and digital publisher, through our ownership and management of various titles we publish news and current affairs across the whole of the UK and beyond.

Visit the “Our Brands” page to get an understanding of our current profolio.

2Trom News Group’s monthly readership currently sits at 4.9million a month across our 8 core news brands, with the news sites generating in excess of 62million impressions a month. (February 2019 – Google Analytics & Comscore)

2Trom News Group – Senior Management

Chairman – Lewis Drazen

Chief Executive – Tina Hansen

Chief Operations Officer – Amara Khan

Chief Finance Officer – Oleg Belikov

2Trom News Group – Ownership

2Trom News Group is primarily owned by Viktor Tokarev, Moscow Media Group & BE Group.

2TROM NEWS GROUP LTD – Registered in England & Wales Company number 11673306

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